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Gel Coat Guns

Gel Coat Guns Gel Coat Guns

Graco RS Gel Coat Gun
Graco RS Gel Coat Gun

  • Lightweight - up to 44% lighter than the competition for better spraying control
  • Quick-disconnect front end reduces maintenance time and increases uptime
  • Unique needle clamp design eliminates need to adjust needle setting after routine service
  • Delivers superior spray pattern
  • Promotes a healthier work environment due to less overspray
  • Available in internal and external mix models

Graco RS Gel Coat Gun quick change blades
Change blades in seconds

  • Easy-to-change blade cartridges keep production moving
  • Up to 40% lighter than competition for better chopping control
  • High output cutter provides the output you need with fewer strands of roving
  • Less roving means less tangling, more uptime
  • External adjustable anvil tension - no disassembly, no tools required
  • Speed control lets you adjust glass output on the fly
  • Available in internal and external mix models

Composites Equipment

Whether you need gel coat equipment, chop and wet-out systems, or equipment for resin transfer molding (RTM) and Light RTM (LRTM), Plastic Material Inc. offers the equipment you need. For advanced composites, we offer resin pumping and metering solutions that speed production while reducing material and labor costs.

Graco FRP Chopper SystemGraco FRP Chop System

Chop/wetout system for composites production

Outstanding performance for resin applications

Designed to accurately meter and chop fiberglass into a resin spray to provide structural strength to the end product, Graco Chopper/Wet-out Dispense Systems are engineered to deliver reliable performance. Built with fewer wear items, Graco equipment consumes fewer replacement parts. With reduced service expenses and less revenue lost due to downtime, Graco’s Chopper Systems are highly economical to own and operate.

Graco Chopper/Wet-out Systems:

  • Dispense polyester resin and vinyl ester chemicals
  • Allow for infinite adjustment of the catalyst ratio – no tools required
  • Offer reliable, highly accurate ratio control
  • Provide high-efficiency performance at low spraying pressures
  • Available in internal and external mix configurations

Typical applications:

  • Marine and watercraft
  • Pool and spa
  • Bathware
  • Transportation
  • Corrosion prevention

Long-life Design

  • Triple-lip spring-loaded seals and hardened cylinders, seats and valves provide long wear life
  • Dual Upper Seals on Catalyst Pump
  • Dual seal prevents leakage – any wepage past the primary seal is returned to the catalyst reservoir, not on the floor

FRP Chop System Informational Videos

Click on image links below to view informational videos from Graco.

Disclaimer. These videos are for informational purposes only and are not meant to replace reading all information about proper handling and operation of equipment. Please be sure to view the disclaimer video. These videos are courtesy of Graco, Inc. and are provided as is for informational purposes only. Please contact us for further information about Graco products at: (800) 488-6050

Coatings & Foam Equipment

Plastic Materials offers, proportioners, spray guns, transfer pumps, and accessories are engineered to reduce material waste, simplify your daily maintenance routine – and best of all, make your business more profitable. From spray foam insulation to roofing, waterproofing to concrete joint filling, Plastic Materials carries top-quality equipment that helps you get the job done right.

Spray Guns

A spray gun from PMI is the key component in any finishing system – whether the application involves large-scale industrial finishing or delicate precision painting. The right tool for your application is a special combination of several factors. These include the delivery system and atomization method, as well as the spray gun’s air cap, fluid tip and needle combinations. The best tool for the job will allow you to maximize the finish quality in a minimum amount of time


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