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Vacuum Bagging


Plastic Materials Inc., supplies vacuum bagging products that are used in the aircraft/aerospace, wind power, marine, automotive, racing and general composites industries. These products include nylon film, vacuum bagging rubber, infusion mesh, peel ply, release film, breather, sealant tape and all vacuum connections.

Plastic Materials has one preeminent goal: to supply products whose performance fulfills our customers' daily needs for quality, dependable products, and act as a solutions resource for our customers.

Bagging Films

  • KM 1300 - Softest nylon
  • STRETCHLON 200 - 500% elongation
  • STRETCHLON 700 - For phenolics
  • ECONOLON - Inexpensive nylon
  • WL5400 - Heavy duty version of Econolon
  • WL7400 - High temperature nylon
  • RELEASE BAG 125 - Vacuum bag/release
  • MULTI-BAG - Reusable silicone rubber bag
  • BIG BLUE L100 - Low temp., up to 12m wide
  • SECURLON® L-500Y - High temp., up to 12m wide
  • SECURLON® L-750 - High temp., low humidity,
    up to 7.1m

Peel Plies

ECONOSTITCH - Nylon with red tracers
ECONOSTITCH 66 - Nylon 66 with red tracers
ECONOSTITCH 5445 - Tighter weave nylon with red tracers
ECONOSTITCH G - Economical polyester peel ply with
black tracers
BLEEDER LEASE B - Premium release coated nylon
SUPERLEASE BLUE - Premium release coated
ECONOLEASE - Release coated
ECONOPLY E - Heavy duty version of Econoply J
ECONOPLY J - Most economical polyester

Release Films

RELEASE BAG 125 P-3 - 285°F (141°C)
WL3700 - 250°F (121°C) inexpensive
WL3900 - 315°F (157°C) stronger WL3600
WL4600 - 380°F (193°C)
WL5200 - 500°F (260°C) high elongation

Sealant Tapes

AT-199 - Least expensive
ECONOSEAL 46 - Low cost for room temperature
ECONOSEAL 48HT - Low cost, high tack
AT-200Y - Inexpensive, high tack
GS-100 - Good tack
GS-213 - Premium hold and release after cure


ECONOWEAVE 22 - 2 oz/yd2 (68 g/m2)
ECONOWEAVE 44 - 4 oz/yd2 (135 g/m2)
ECONOWEAVE 1010 - 10 oz/yd2 309 g/m2)
RESINFLOW - Resin distribution mesh
                    - Low and high temperature

Adhesive Tapes

ECONOBREAKER - Multi-purpose tape
AIRHOLD 1 CBS - Double-sided adhesive
AIRHOLD 10 CBS - Double-sided fabric reinforced adhesive tape
TEFLEASE MG 2 - Teflon tape

Vacuum/Resin Connections

VAC-VALVE 401C - Through bag fitting
AQD 500 - Quick disconnect
VAC-GAUGE 30 - Vacuum gage
ECONOFLOW 59 - Vacuum hose
AIRVAC 22 - "Venturi" style
LEQ-70 - Vacuum leak detector
VAC-REG - Vacuum regulator
VAC-RIC - Resin infusion connector
VAC-VIEW 628 - Vacuum leak detector

Release Agent

SAFELEASE 30 - Water-based, PTFE

Resin Infusion Hardware

RB 451 - Vacuum pot with vacuum regulator
Omega flow lines, polyethylene tubing, spiral wrap, "t" elbow fittings clamps and vacuum leak detectors

Temporary Spray Adhesive

AIRTAC II - Premium rubber adhesive
AIRTAC II RED - Contact rubber adhesive with
red pigment for visibility
ECONOTAC 2 - Economical contact spray adhesive
TAC-STRIP - Fiberglass mesh with adhesive
FUSIONTAC - Structural tackifier

Call us toll free to talk to one of our vacuum bagging experts about custom solutions for your application.

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Custom Shaped Vacuum Bags

We can custom seam a vacuum bag to any size, shape or configuration to reduce labor costs of bagging. Ready to use and light weight.

Custom Shaped Vacuum Bags

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