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CLOTH BAND 341D- 3/4X1-1/2 36X

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CLOTH BAND 341D- 3/4X1-1/2 36X

SKU: 11977

3M(TM) Abrasive Cloth Band 341D is a spiral band or short tube that conforms to inner and outer contours for sanding and shaping. Fast-cutting aluminum oxide abrasive grains are resin-bonded to a durable cloth backing to provide fast continuous cut and long-life performance. P36 Grit/Grade. Sold individually.


It can also be used for shaping and smoothing wood and fiberglass. The 3M Abrasive Cloth Band 341D fits onto a rubber wheel attachment (such as a cushion polishing wheel or a rubber slotted expander wheel, both sold separately) for use with a die grinder or rotary drill. Our 341D cloth band is constructed with aluminum oxide mineral, a popular choice among industrial professionals because of its fast cut-rate, durability, and long life. It can be used on a wide variety of materials in both woodworking and metalworking, including ferrous alloys, and is the most commonly used industrial abrasive. The abrasive particles are adhered to the cloth backing with resin, creating a strong bond that withstands high heat and pressure. The bands come in a range of widths and lengths to suit different contours and tasks, and are often used in foundry work. Tube-shaped band fits inner and outer contours to remove parting lines, imperfections, and burrs. X-weight cloth backing withstands heavy sanding and grinding. Resin bond withstands high heat and pressure. Tough aluminum oxide abrasive mineral cuts fast and performs well on many substrates. Bands fit onto a rubber expander wheel attachment (sold separately) for use with a die grinder or rotary drill.

Additional Information

Part Number 11977
Manufacturer 3M
Size 1 1/2 Inch
Type Cloth Band
Color Brown
Brand 3M
Taxible Sometimes Yes