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Soric®: The Core Material Solution

Mar 21, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Our partner 3A Composites has delivered another top quality product to our list of available core material options here at Plastic Materials, Incorporated. Lantor Soric® the core material solution in composite parts for the Wind industry. Flexible infusion core for optimal flow behavior and weight reduction. Extra interlaminating flow and controlled and stable flow front. Soric® SF is a general-purpose grade for thin laminates. This grade balances resin flow with surface quality. The honeycomb structure formed during the process provides good shear properties. For product details go to for more information, or call one of our technical sales representatives at Plastic Materials, Incoporated.

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Supplier Spotlight: 3A Composites

Mar 20, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Demands in boat and ship construction are particularly challenging as it involves diverse functional components. With AIREX®, BALTEK® and BANOVA®, 3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova offers composites for (nearly) all components: bulkheads and beams, transoms and wales, superstructures, hull bottoms, decks, to portholes and build-in closets. Our offer of services and materials starts in the evaluation phase with the development of the most effective configuration of lightweight composites and the specification of the most cost-effective resources; it covers the complete process all the way up to production of the lightweight sandwich component - everything according to customer requirements. 3A structural materials are characterized by maximum impact and compression resistance, a high level of rigidity, low weight, easy formability, and absolute water tightness. Please visit for more information, or call one of our technical sales representatives at Plastic Materials, Incoporated.

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Customer Spotlight: Casa Medici Designs

Dec 13, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Casa Medici Designs is both a custom & manufacturing house specializing in the design and fabrication of contemporary architectural elements (including all vertical and horizontal surface coverings/panels, vanity counter/sinks, table, bar & counter tops, cabinet & door inlays, lighting fixtures, wall art and object d’art), accessories and furnishings made of polyurethane resin, “faux cement” and resin-laminated fiberglass. Casa Medici Designs has been a long standing customer of Plastic Materials. We love to showcase what customers are able to create with the products we sell. If you are interested in seeing more designs from Casa Medici please visit



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Check out one of our newest core material suppliers, CoreLite. CoreLite is one of the leading force in composite technologies with their advanced end-grain balsa, PVC foam board and PET foam core material solutions. CoreLite provides competitive pricing with precise assembly and that is one of the reason we are proud to represent this brand. They have been around since 1939 and this is a little backstory of the company and their products. 



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The SR 500 system is a belt mounted Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) with tight fitting face pieces, loose fitting respirators or loose fitting hoods that protects against particulates, gases and vapors, or a combination. It is designed to be used in oxygen sufficient and non-immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) environments. The SR 500 PAPR system functions as an alternative to Air Purifying Respirators (APR) in all situations for which these are recommended. This applies particularly to work that is hard, warm or of long-duration. The filtered air is supplied through a breathing hose to the tight fitting face piece, loose fitting respirator or loose fitting hoods. The above- atmospheric pressure then generated prevents surrounding pollutants from penetrating into the breathing zone. Typical applications includes agriculture, asbestos, mold and lead paint abatement, construction & building renovation, demolition, chemical industry, food & beverage processing, lead battery plants, medical & health care, metal work, pharmaceutical manufacturing, power plants, pulp & paper processing, recycling plants, smelting and foundries, surface preparation, painting, coating, and more.

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